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European Investment Bank

EIB achieved lending targets ahead of schedule: EUR 77 billion in 2014

EIB President Werner Hoyer has announced that the EIB is delivering on commitments made to Member States to mobilise EUR 180 billion of additional investment for Europe well ahead of schedule. In 2014, the EIB provided loans of EUR 77 billion to support investment globally.


EIB study: Restoring EU competitiveness

This report examines the challenge of restoring the long-term competitiveness of the EU and the part that public involvement can play to meet this challenge. It seeks to help identify strategic priorities and to show why action needs to be stepped up at the European level to revitalise long-term investment, focusing on key enablers that are critical to our future well-being.


A powerful connection between France and Spain

French and Spanish electricity companies have inaugurated the long-awaited power interconnector between their two countries that is breaking all records. The 1 400 MW cable, supported by a EUR 350 million EIB loan, will double French-Spanish electricity exchange capacity to 2 800 MW, and is helping to connect the Spanish power system to other European energy markets.


February E-Newsletter is out

The EIB is delivering well ahead of schedule on commitments made to the EU Member States to mobilise EUR 180 billion of additional investment following a capital increase in 2013. Read the latest edition of our e-Newsletter for more information about the annual press conference and see our new animated videos.

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